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Objectives of the Conservation Portfolio of the FWDCSA:

The conservation portfolio of the club creates opportunities for our members to participate in a number of events.

The main objective of these events is:

  • to educate and create an awareness among members
  • to "tread softly" and not to damage the ecology through indiscriminate use of their vehicles
  • to contribute towards conservation through time and effort in various areas
  • to enjoy the privilege of visiting these secluded areas.

A major portion of our synergy with the environment is the conservation of nature. Our involvement is as many as it is varied and is participated by our members. Activities organised by The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa provide both enjoyment by the participant and a means of adding a service of quality to both the environment and its community.

Code of Conduct of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa (2009)

Rules and Regulations
  1. Respect and abide by the applicable laws, rules and regulations where ever you are.
  1. The right of privacy, peace and solitude of other human beings and living creatures.
  2. Obtain permission before driving on any private or restricted land or road.


  1. All fauna and flora.  Enjoy them but leave them where they are.
  2. Prevent soil erosion by using your 4x4 vehicle correctly in off-road situations.
  3. Obey fire restrictions and ensure that all fires are extinguished completely when not in use.
  4. Clean up your campsites prior to departure and take out what you took in – including the refuse.
  5.  Safeguard our water resources.


  1. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and road worthy
  2. Carry sufficient fuel, tools, spares and recovery equipment.


  1. Responsibly and defensively.
  2. Friendly and courteously
  3. Be aware of pedestrians and livestock on the roads.


  1. Promote the safe and responsible use of four wheel drive vehicles.
  2. Do not drink and drive.
  3. Keep to existing roads and tracks.
  4. Avoid sensitive eco-systems.
  5. Travel in a group when entering remote areas

Convoy Protocol
of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa (2009)

Every driver to ensure he can see the following vehicle & always wait for it at turn-offs.

If and when you lose sight of the vehicle behind you stop and wait for it to catch up again.

Every driver to keep to the agreed speed in order not to hold up the convoy.

Take note of who is leading and trailing you.  If they disappear, inform run co-ordinator ASAP.

Remain in the order in which you set out whilst you are driving unless you can inform everybody in the convoy of the change by radio. 

Stops will be planned for the route and must be adhered to.

Keep a distance of at least 200m between convoy vehicles to allow other, faster vehicles to pass the convoy safely.

At obstacles, leave the vehicle in front of you sufficient room, enough to reverse if it needs to.

When stopping on steep hills choose a level area and allow sufficient stopping area for the following vehicles on that level area.

The first and last vehicles of the convoy should be members with radios where possible.

Good advice
: Know your own and your vehicle's capabilities. Remember that your vehicle is not a missile to be aimed at Mother Nature, but a tool with which to discover it.


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The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa - Garden Route